Requirements & Support


Q: I’m interested, but am I eligible?

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  • Minimum Requirements – You will require a minimum of 4 years of higher education study (inclusive of 1-year specific teacher education subjects) plus 45 days of supervised practice to obtain Provisional Registration to teach in Australia.
  • 482 Visa Requirements – To be eligible for sponsorship under a 482 Temporary Employer Sponsored Visa you will need a minimum of 2 years of teaching experience.
  • 407 Visa Requirements – To be eligible for sponsorship under a 407 Temporary Training Visa you will need a minimum of 12 months studying full-time within the last 24 months.

Q: What do I need to do?

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  1. Register your interest in teaching in Australia by clicking here to fast-track your journey by providing initial contact details.
  2. We will contact you to complete a questionnaire and provide a copy of your resume and references.
  3. If eligible you will be contacted to attend an online interview.
  4. If successful for a role you will need to apply for VIT registration and complete the Visa application process (you will also be required to contribute to the Visa application fees, however, the Visa Business Sponsorship Fees will be paid for by us).

Q: What can I expect for support?

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  • We will pay for the Visa Business Sponsorship Fees.
  • You will receive a relocation reimbursement to help with the costs of flights and removal expenses to the value of $5,000 AUD.
  • You will receive a relocation reimbursement to help with the costs of flights and removal expenses to the value of $10,000 AUD if you are matched to a small rural school.
  • We will provide support for you to settle into the community – link you to real estate agents, medical practitioners, childcare, etc.
  • You will receive a very competitive salary with additional superannuation payments of 10.5%.
  • You can apply to have the superannuation refunded to you when you return to your home country at the completion of the temporary Visa.
  • You can apply for additional allowances if undertaking a position of leadership within a school.



* As per January 2023 – Subject to change.

Pay scale


Australian Dollar plus

superannuation 10.5%


Pound Sterling

2 years experience   T1-2

$77,712 pa +10.5%



3 years experience   T1-3

$80,580 pa +10.5%



4 years experience   T1-4

$83,552 pa +10.5%



5 years experience   T1-5

$86,636 pa +10.5%



6 years experience   T2-1

$89,832 pa +10.5%



7 years experience   T2-2

$93,147 pa +10.5%



8 years experience   T2-3

$96,585 pa +10.5%



9 years experience   T2-4

$100,149 pa +10.5%



10 years experience T2-5

$103,845 pa +10.5%



11 years experience T2-6

$112,333 pa+10.5%



Positions of Leadership

Positions of Leadership.png

Opportunity to apply for Positions of Leadership with additional allowances.
* As per February 2023 – Subject to change.

Position of Leadership Allowance

Australian Dollar (AUD)

Euro (EUR)

Pound Sterling (GBP)

















Catholic Education Ballarat

The Catholic Diocese of Ballarat supports 63 primary and secondary educating around 18,500 students and employing 2,500 educators and support staff across Western Victoria, Australia.

We have a range of F-12 teaching opportunities available and are keen to hear from international teachers interested in a supported, authentic, and rewarding Australian teaching experience.

Our schools are located across a vibrant region of Western Victoria from the Murray River in the north, to the iconic Great Ocean Road in the south, and west to the world-renowned Grampians National Park and South Australian border.

Catholic Education Sandhurst

Catholic Education Sandhurst provides education for 19,500 students throughout central and northern Victoria. We employ a network of 3,250 staff in 59 educational settings including primary, secondary and early childhood centres.

We are seeking international teachers to join our Australian educators in providing the best learning opportunities for the students in our care.

Our region is abundant in natural attractions providing the perfect work and lifestyle balance. Call Northern Victoria home amongst the growing townships and uniquely welcoming Australian culture where our rural and regional communities are waiting to welcome you.